Since 1961, we have satisfied the food processing needs of our many customers in the meat and like food industries with segment leading interleaving and stacking equipment.  As a private corporation, we have fulfilled customer production needs with superior designed, high quality, reliably built and excellent performing food processing machines that always provide a rapid return on investment for the customer.

Our standard food processing equipment portfolio includes:

The Patty Marker = For enhanced ground beef patty texturing and reduced cooking time.

The Interleaver = For placing cut to length paper, film or foil under a given food portion.

The Stacker = For creating vertically aligned groups of interleaved food portions.

The Bacon Stacker = Creates vertical groups of interleaved "wide-shingled" bacon slices.

The Patty Line = Complete solution for marking, interleaving and stacking meat patties.

The Bacon Line = Complete solution for interleaving and stacking sliced bacon.

Our unique "product controlled" equipment connects to the output end or conveyor of your existing food machine (food portioning slicer, meat patty making machine, food portioning former, etc.) for simple system integration and enhanced manufacturing flexibility.


Provides a variety of engineering services to bring a product, process or machine design from concept to reality in a timely and professional manner.  This is accomplished by using proven engineering practices/principals, product/machine development techniques, ISO quality management methodology and Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks or AutoCAD computer aided design programs along with Microsoft Office software suite.

Our areas of expertise include: 
Oil Filtration Systems, Wireless Communications Product Manufacturing, Printing, Labeling & Hot Stamping Machines, Nonwoven Product & Paper Converting Machines, Automotive Products, Marine Industry Products and Commercial & Consumer Injection Molded Products.
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